Mega Construction

Mega Construction Toys

Mega Construction toys are a new range of construction toys from John Adams.

UK toy company John Adams have been specialising in creative toys for nearly half a century.

Mega Construction offers a unique new way to build models using a combination of foam pipes and press-out cardboard pieces. Moreover, kids will need to use the real tools supplied to measure, drill and cut the mega construction pieces to fit.

Mega Construction MotorbikeInitially, five playsets are available. The Starter Workshop kit contains a buildable Mega Construction Motorbike. The Pro Workshop contains a Dune Buggy. The Mega Workshop features a Robot and Helicopter.

Top of the range is the Mega Blaster Workshop which retails around £35 and features several buildable models and a suite of tools.

John Adams Mega Construction toys are available from June 2013 and are designed for kids age 6 and over.

Mega Construction Workshop

Mega Construction Helicopter and Robot