Buzz Bugz

Buzz Bugz Toys

Buzz Bugz are the new flying RC insect toys from Wow! Stuff.

Wolverhampton-based Wow! Stuff are the designers of the award-winning Air Swimmers toys.

Buzz Bugz are inflatable helium-filled remote control flying bugs. Initially three insect types are available – Buzz Bugz Buzzing Bee, Wasp and Mosquito.

A multi-directional fan in conjunction with the Bugz style RC handset, sends the Bugz literally buzzing all around the house.

Target balloons that Bugz can score points by collecting, are included with each Buzz Bugz set.

Buzz Bugz toys require 4 AAA batteries and retail for around £25 per pack.

Buzz Bugz Toy Wasp
Buzz Bugz RC Wasp