Lulu Zipadoo

Lulu Zipadoo Toys
Lulu Zipadoo Toys

Following their massive success in France, Lulu Zipadoo toys based on the wonderful new Lulu Zipadoo animated TV show are coming to the UK.

Lulu Zipadoo derives from the beautifully illustrated Lulu Vroumette picture books by Daniel Picouly and Frederic Pillot. The Lulu Zipadoo series, created by France Televisions, debuts on CBeebies in 2012 with 52 thirteen minute episodes.

Lulu Zipadoo is a young tortoise full of adventure. Smart and quick, Lulu enjoys zipping through her colourful countryside world with best friend Couldn’t Care the hare, Hattie the owlet, Blaze the badger, Yea-nay the hedgehog and Bound and Rebound the weasels. The starting point for Lulu Zipadoo’s adventures is her tiny countryside school.

Targeted at children aged four to seven the Lulu Zipadoo brand is all about discovery and nature. The Lulu Ziapdoo toys range will reflect the strong values of the show.

BBC Worldwide will grant new toy licensees an opportunity to develop this new toy brand with an exciting new array of Lulu Zipadoo toys.