Kung Zhu Toys

Kung Zhu Pets

Kung Zhu toy hamsters are made by American company Cepia LLC and distributed in the UK by Character Options.

Kung Zhu Toys are also known as the Kung Zhu toy, Kung Zhu pets and Kung Zhu hamsters.

What are Kung Zhu Toys?

Kung Zhu are toys aimed primarily at boys. Kung Zhu develops the Zhu Zhu pets theme for combat so that boys can use their Kung Zhu pets to do battle and compete with each other.

These more war-like Kung Zhu battle hamsters are divided into Special Forces and Ninja Warriors. Kung Zhu toys have their own accessories and playsets.

Cute and cuddly they are not! Prepare for battle as the Special Forces take on the Ninja Warriors.

Kung Zhu Special Forces and Ninja Warriors Kung Zhu battle hamsters must first undergo special training before entering the ring to do battle. Each tribe has its own zone with special equipment and Kung Zhu playsets.

Kung Zhu hamsters make totally different noises than their cuddly Zhu Zhu pet relatives.

With incredible chip technology, Kung Zhu hamsters start out mild-mannered but increasingly learn how to fight and do battle as they are trained.

The Special Forces and Ninja Warriors Kung Zhu battle hamsters can be equipped with snap-on armor and weapon accessories. Kung Zhu hamsters also have their own range of vehicles.

What’s more, when the Ninja Warriors do battle with the Special Forces the outcome is always unpredictable.

No doubt, Kung Zhu toys, Kung Zhu hamsters, Kung Zhu pets and Kung Zhu playsets are set to be just as fiercely fought over by parents as their cuddlier predecessors.

Kung Zhu toys are created by the same toy brand that brought us Zhu Zhu pets.