Hero 108 Toys

Hero 108 Toys
Hero 108 Toys

The initial wave of 24 Hero 108 figures will eventually roll out to, as the name suggests, an incredible 108 characters!

In addition there will be Hero 108 playsets, mini playsets and deluxe playsets in which the hero 108 figures can do battle.

Hero:108 is a fantastic new show from Moonscoop’s Taffy Productions first broadcast on Cartoon Network.

As the conflict between humans and animals rages in the Hidden Kingdom, neither HighRoller nor the First Squad can stop the onward march of Hero 108 toys.

Hero 108 toys, figures and playsets are distributed in the US by Playmates and in the UK by Character Options.

Hero 108 toys are now widely available from all big toy retailers.

HERO:108 is set in the Hidden Kingdom, where the malevolent High Roller has succeeded in turning animals against humans. The sole possibility of restoring peace lies with the First Squad, a team of super elite heroes sworn to protect humans and liberate the Hidden Kingdom.

First Squad are a rebel force of young heroes who inhabit a giant turtle shell known as ‘Big Green’.

Hero 108 toys at the SDCC featuring the ‘real’ Mystique Sonia

From the initial wave of 24 figures there will eventually be 108 hero 108 figures.

The figures have several different hero 108 playsets in which to do battle.

There are 24 Hero 108 figures from the first series. There will be 108 Kingdom Krashers figures in total.

The 24 Hero 108 ‘Kingdom Krashers’ figures come in two figure packs. Each figure has a different number from 1 to 108.

Each Hero 108 figure comes on a base, or vehicle, so they can slide along and crash into opposing figures.


Press down the spin dial on the Hero 108 vehicle

Snap your Kingdom Krasher onto the vehicle

Launch your Krasher to take out your opponent.

Mini hero 108 playsets are pocket-money priced.

The larger deluxe hero 108 playsets like the ‘Havoc at the Citidal’ deluxe playset are designed for bigger tournaments amongst several players.

Several Hero 108 playsets are planned to go with the Hero 108 Kingdom Krashers figures.

Deluxe playsets include Havoc at the Citidal. Hero 108 playsets provide themed gameplay arenas in which the figures can do battle.

Smaller pocket-money sized Hero 108 mini-playsets are also planned for release.

Hero 108 Toys: First Squad

The evil High Roller has set human against animal in the Hidden Kingdom.

The only hope lies with an elite young band of heroes known as the First Squad.

First Squad are amongst the first 24 two figure packs to be releashed as Hero 108 Kingdom Krashers figures.

Big Green, a giant floating turtle shell fortress, is the home of First Squad. Within Big Green it is the special heroes of First Squadron that are called upon for the most dangerous missions. First Squadron members are Lin Chung, Mystique Sonia, Mighty Ray, and Jumpy Ghostface

The most skilled warrior in Big Green is Lin Chung, his Panther Vision allowing him to see great distances and move at terrific speed.

Mystique Sonia is more beautiful than any princess, though gets no special treatment for other First Squad members. Her special weapon is her extra long tongue and the incredible stretchy Yaksha creature she wears on her head.

Mighty Ray is the most powerful member of Big Green with his mighty Magical Electrical Eyeballs.

Jumpy Ghostface is also known as the Rabbit King who lead the rabbits to join with Big Green against High Roller.

Kingdom Krashers

Hero 108 Kingdom Krashers are initially available in two figure packs.

There are 24 figures to collect in the first series. The range will eventually expand to include all 108 characters featured in the show Hero:108.

The amazing Hero:108 animated TV show is the property of © Taffy Productions, LLC.

Hero:108 is based on an ancient Chinese novel called The Water Margin. The animated cartoon is created by Phoenix Tarng of Taiwn based Gamania who specialise in creating online games.

Gamania Digital Entertainment has partnered with Time Warner company Cartoon Network to launch Hero:108 around the world.