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Horrible Histories Toys and Horrible Histories Figures

Horrible Histories toys are made by new master toy licencee Worlds Apart.

Horrible Histories Game
Horrible Histories Playsets and Figures

Available at retail from 2012 the new Horrible History toy range will feature collectable Horrible Histories figures as featured in the books and BBC TV show including a Roman, a Pirate, a Viking, an Egyptian, a Tudor figure and many other popular historical figures.

Horrible Histories Toys
Horrible Histories Romans & Egyptians Toys

To go with the Horrible History figures World Apart will release Horrible History toy playsets for the figures which have a game play element with battle cards. Horrible History battle arenas will incorporate game strategies for older fans. The UK toy company based in Cornwall also plan to release army building packs and sets with ranges of accessories.

Horrible Histories Rotten Roman Starter Set
Rotten Roman Starter Set

Initial Horrible Histories playsets include the Rotten Roman Battle Pack with William the Conqueror; Rotten Roman Starter Set with Julius Caesar; Awesome Egyptian Starter Set with Ramesses the Great; and, Awesome Egyptian Battle Pack with Genghis Khan. Hero toy is the Exploding Battle Arena. Further figure and accessory packs are also available.

Horrible Histories Figures Series 1
Horrible Heroes Series 1

In addition there is a range of foil packed blind bag Horrible Heroes to collect. Series 1 features Blackbeard, Tudor Executioner, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, William the Conqueror, Viking Beserker, Highwayman and Boudica.

The basic game premise is to line up your armies, then capture enemies by firing flying pigs at them from replica catapaults, a further level is added with the Horrible Histories gaming cards.

Horrible Histories Playset
Horrible Histories is shown on kids channel CBBC as well as BBC1 and 2 to wide acclaim from fans, parents and teachers. The show is based on the popular series of books by children’s author Terry Deary.

Worlds Apart are rather better known for children’s furnishings than toys but their emphasis on family-centred design coupled with this brand’s strong educational appeal will surely make Horrible Histories toys a massive success with parents and kids alike.

Horrible Histories Exploding Battle Arena Playset
Exploding Battle Arena

Horrible Histories Horrible Heroes Series 1 Figures

Horrible Histories Figures

Horrible Histories Figures