Dinopaws toys come from the endearing new preschool TV animation Dinopaws.

Dinopaws was created by Alan Gilbey and debuted in the UK on CBeebies. The animated series is co-produced by Canadian company Guru Studios along with the UK’s Impossible Kids and Kindle Entertainment.

The Dinopaws are a curious family composed of bird-like dinosaur Gwen, the oldest and bossiest, Bob the ‘Stegopawrus’ who thinks big thoughts, and Tony the young T-Rex. Language is new to the Dinopaws so they have a lot of fun making up their own words as they go on adventures together.

Preschool fans are looking forward to Dinopaws plush toys, including Gwen, Bob and Tony.

BBC Worldwide have the global merchandising rights to the show, so hopefully it will not be long before a master toy license is awarded for a range of Dinopaws toys.