Boj toys stem from the loveable Boj animated cartoon series.

Boj is the creation of David Hodgson of UK animation studio Pesky Productions. The show debuted on CBeebies in May 2014.

Boj the bilby, a rare Australian marsupial, lives with mum and dad Mimi and Pops in their burrow beneath Giggly Park. Boj loves playing music and upcycling old stuff with his boj-ing ideas. His friends are Denzil Woof, Mia Twitch, Gavin Bleat, Rupa Nibblit and park keeper Mr Cloppity.

Downloadable interactive Boj books are already available, mobile games are in development and a master toy partner is currently being sought.

Top of every fans list must be a toy Boj bilby. Boj toys are sure to be a huge success when they are released.