Cliccors toys are a new range of construction toys by Bluw.

Cliccors were develped by Californian design company Linespace for Evolution LLC, and are distributed in the UK by Bluw Toys.

Cliccors toys don’t just snap rigidly together, they also feature multiple two-way articulation points.

Cliccors CarsThis built-in articulation means that even when Cliccors toys are built, they can still continue to be re-shaped and reformed into new and surprising designs.

Cliccors Crashors and Crumplors cars are collections of construction sets featuring models of sports cars, buggies and off-road vehicles.

Due to their unique new articulation system, Cliccors toys should really click with their target audience in the boys construction toy sector.

Cliccors Cars

Cliccors Toys