City of Friends Toys

City of Friends Toys
City of Friends Toys

City of Friends toys are based around the wonderful new animated series City of Friends.

City of Friends is a already a massive worldwide brand though had its UK debut on Channel 5’s Milkshake as recently as August 2011.

City of Friends began life as ‘Vennebyen’ originally a series of bedtime stories told by a police officer father to his 4 year old child. Now there are already two series of the show airing as well as a live European tour.

City of Friends is about the adventures of mischievous Max the would-be police officer and his car Petey the City of Friends police car, although Max is never without Scoot his scooter. The show is based around cute animal characters and their vehicles, making the toy marketing potential obvious. Elphie is the City’s only elephant in the emergency services. Ted the teddybear is the trainee ambulance service character who drives Abby the ambulance.

Other vehicles, which make highly collectable City of Friends toys, include Frankie the fire engine and Hayley the City of Friends helicopter.

With its brilliant mix of cute animal characters and fun-looking cars and vehicles City of Animals is a dream new toy brand for major toy companies with an eye on the competitive preschool market.

Expect plastic figures and playsets as well as plush City of Friends toys very soon.