Chubby Puppies

Chubby Puppies

Chubby Puppies are the cute new range of waddling dog toys from Spin Master.

Chubby Puppies toys come in a variety of stylized breeds including boston terrier, husky, golden retriever, french bulldog, beagle, shitzu, poodle and dalmatian.

Sold separately, each Chubby Puppy comes with its very own treat or toy, such as bacon, steak, a shoe or a rubber duck which they can carry around in their mouths. Twelve breeds are available in single packs, with others found in playsets.

Chubby Puppies playsets are also available. These include one exclusive puppy, not available separately, such as the Pomeranian. The playsets feature fun, playtime-themed doggy environments with food bowls, toys and training activities. The playsets are connectable to make even larger sets.

The Ultimate Dog Park playset features a swing, slide and real working lift, all activated by the Chubby Puppies waddling movement.

Spin Master are also releasing interconnecting mini playsets that the Chubby Puppies use as agility training courses, each with a bone as a reward at the end. There’s also a pet carrier that includes an exclusive figure.

The battery-powered Chubby Puppies walk in different ways depending on how their legs are positioned. They can hop, waddle and walk.

Spim Master’s Chubby Puppies toys first launch in autumn 2015.
Chubby Puppies Toys