Anagranimals Toys

Anagranimals toys come from the popular children’s books of the same name.

Created by husband and wife team Heidi and Leith Moghli, Anagranimals plush toys launched at London Toy Fair in January 2015. The first Anagranimals book, written by Leith Moghli and illustrated by Ian King, was published in late 2013.

Initially there are six Anagranimals to collect including Pedro the Pig-Orilla-Roo, Heidi the Hippo-Croco-Puss, and Ebenezer the Ele-Zeb-Zee.

Each plush toy consists of three parts that easily stick together with Velcro. In total, with just these six characters, there are no less than 216 possible animal combinations that can be made! And who wouldn’t want to make a Hippo-Rilla-Roo, a Rhino-Parra-Duck or even a Piggy-Croco-Puss?

In books like ‘The Anagranimals and the Wishing Tree’ children learn the background story of each of the characters. The plush toys enhance and bring to life the magic of the stories and encourage kids to create their own stories and in a traditional yet novel and creative way.

In January 2015, following their debut at the London Toy Fair, Anagranimals were awarded a Best New Toy Award by the British Toy and Hobby Association

Anagranimals toys bring a refreshing change to traditional plush toy lines.

Anagranimals Toy

Anagranimals Plush Toys