Ultimate Fighting Trashies

Ultimate Fighting Trashies (UFT)

UFT toys or Ultimate Fighting Trashies are the next evolution of Moose’s Trash Pack brand.

Ultimate Fighting Trashies Battle Arena
UFT Battle Arena

Melbourne-based Moose Toys are Australia’s number one toy design company. Moose developed the Trash Pack from unknown garbage characters into a global retail phenomenon.

UFT toys and UFT figures are now set to litter the planet’s retail space. UFT figures are made of a slightly less squishy plastic than their Trashie predecessors. They also incorporate a battle element; select a UFT Trashie fighter, load it into the Spin Bin and wind it up to battle other UFTs.

UFT Collector's List of Ultimate Fighting Trashies Figures
UFT Collector's List (Click to Enlarge)

Ultimate Fighting Trashies come in several themes, such as Wild Trashies, Food Fight Trash, Fighting Trashies and Army Trashies. Master Trashies come with the UFT Battle Arena. In all there are 98 UFT Trashies to collect. Each colourful squishy UFT figure has different battling weapons.

The UFT Character Pack has 12 exclusive Fighting Trashies. The UFT Spin Bin Launcher Pack features an exclusive UFT Trashie. Each UFT team has its own colour of Spin Bin.

UFT Trashies put a new spin on a not-so-old toy proving that in the toy trade, as elsewhere, where there’s muck there’s brass.

UFT Spin Bin Launcher Pack
UFT Spin Bin Launcher Pack

UFT Ultimate Fighting Trashies Toys
Ultimate Fighting Trashies Spin Bin Launcher Pack & UFT Character Pack