ThunderCats Toys

Thunder Cats Toys
ThunderCats Toys

ThunderCats toys are made by master toy licensee Bandai. They are based on the popular new Thunder Cats show, returning in a brand new animated series reprising the success of the 1980’s classic ThunderCats cartoons.

The modern ThunderCats animation is a collaboration by Studio 4C in Tokyo, the makers of Animatrix, and Warner Bros Animation.

Several notable big toy licensees are also launching new Thundercats products including MV Sports, Panini and Character World.

However, Bandai is the real standout toy company behind Thundercats having demonstrated their prowess with collectable toys in their Ben 10 ranges. Bandai Thunder Cats toys and figures are certain to be a huge playground success.

Thundercats Lion-O Action Figure
Thundercats Lion-O Figure

ThunderCats action figures can be found in 4 inch and classic collectors 8 inch figures such as Lion-O and Tygra. The first releases include the Deluxe ThunderTank Vehicle with Snarf ThunderCats figure, the ThunderCats Sword, Lion O’s Deluxe Sword of Omens, as well as figurines and statues. There are also a range of Thunder Racer cycles.

Thundercats Mini Figures
Thundercats Minifigures

From 2012 Bandai are expanding the range with Thundercats Minifigures retailing in the UK at around £2.50.

Warner Bros themselves have called ThunderCats “one of the hottest boy brands of recent times.”