The Hive

The Hive Toys by Mookie Toys
The Hive Toys

The Hive toys are as seen in the new CGI children’s animated TV show The Hive.

Plush Hive toys are made by The Hives toy licensee Mookie Toys. Flitwick UK-based company Mookie Toys are best known for their outdoor toy range.

The Hive Plush Toys
Buzzbee and The Hive Plush

Mookie Toys are releasing a range of plush The Hive toys starting with Buzzbee and Rubee figures. Buzzbee is available in at least three different formats – 5″ plush, 6.5″ plush and 8″ interactive electronic Buzzbee soft toy. From 2013 Mookie plan a 15″ Supersize Buzzbee plush toy.

The Hive 5″ plush minis include Buzzbee, Rubee, Worm and Feathers & Fluff. The 6.5″ plush figures include Barnabee and Postman Spider as well as favourites Buzzbee and Rubee.

The Hive Enterprises Ltd and Space Enterprises’ The Hive show has aired on the Playhouse Disney and ITV channels.

The Hive, aimed at pre-schoolers, follows the magical adventures of Buzzbee and his bee friends in Honeybee Hive.

The Hive Watering Can School Playset
Watering Can School

The hero toy in The Hive toy range will undoubtedly be the Honeybee Hive playset. The Hive Playset is shaped like a real bee hive which opens out to reveal a three-tiered play hive. The playset comes with loads of hive and bee accessories and includes exclusive The Hive bee figures.

The Hive Playsets
The Hive Playsets (Click to Enlarge)

Other Hive playsets planned include the Honey Factory, Honeydew School, Watering Can School and Pollen Playground.

Look out also for new The Hive app for ipad and iphone from Avanquest.

The Hive toys launched in summer 2012 as a much-anticipated new preschool toy brand.

The Hive Playset and Figures
The Hive Toys, Figures and Playset
The Hive Plush Toys
The Hive Plush Figures