Tagamoto Toys

Tagamoto Toy CarsTagamoto toys are revolutionary motorized toy cars that use micro robotic technology.

First introduced to the American market, Tagamoto debuted in the UK in Spring 2013.

Tagamoto Motorized Vehicles are based on US robotics company Innovation First’s patented vibrating movement technology first employed in their Hexbugs line.

Tagamoto cars have three push-button settings; free wheel play, off road and on road. On the road you can snap together tracks and add in stickers which the robotic cars read and react to. The cars also obey built in switches around the track.

There are even codes to activate up to 15 different sounds. In addition the headlights and rear lights of Tagamoto cars light up and flash.

The Tagamoto Road Set includes one vehicle, 10 sticker codes and 20 track pieces. Tagamoto cars are available separately or in sets and either with sound effects only, or with combined sound and light effects.

Realistically priced, fantastically styled, incredibly innovative and certain to be wildly successful, look out for Tagamoto toys!