Swap Watch

Swap Watch Toys

Swap Watch toys are the creative new watch designing playsets from Flair.

Flair Plc, part of the Giochi Preziosi Group, are renowned for their fun and funky arts and crafts toys under the Cool Create brand.

The One Direction Swap Watch set lets you change your watch style every day with any new 1D design you choose.

The Swap Watch toy comes with absolutely everything you need to design and make your own unique fashion watches.

Swap Watch includes all the face, case, bezels, straps and watch buckles you need to build a real working watch. Choose the colours and customize the strap with your favourite One Direction band designs. You can even use the coloured leather straps to plait a unique designer strap.

With great timing on the One Direction license, Flair’s Swap Watch toys are definitely one to watch.

Swap Watch One Direction