Sonix City Toys

Sonix City
Sonix City Toys

Sonix City toys let kids drive Sonix City cars around interactive playsets activating dozens of city sound effects.

New Sonix City playsets feature embedded integrated circuits; smart sound chips. The chips recognize the Sonix cars as they are driven around activating loads of cool vehicle and city sound effects.

Sonix City playsets come with two exclusive vehicles and can be interconnected to form a larger city. Initial playsets include Sonix City Construction, Sonix City Airport, Sonix City Raceway and Sonix City Rescue sets. Each playset features different sound effects, such as roaring jet engine sounds at the Sonix Airport or racing car engines at the Sonix City Raceway.

The Sonix City Rescue Set comes with a police car and fire engine and features over 100 sound effects.

Sonix City toys are made by Californian toy company Wild Planet and distributed in Britain by Trends UK.