Soccerstarz are the new licensed football mini figures from UK-based entertainment company Creative Toys.

Perhaps the most detailed collectible mini football figures ever, Soccerstarz toys launched in August 2012 with a massive TV advertising campaign and a superb dedicated fansite. People can take collecting these mini figurines very serious, wanting to create their fantasy teams with the best stats possible, they’re basically a physical version of something like FanDuel, where people can create fantasy soccer teams in order to take on others people and their personally chosen teams.

Soccer Starz Cards
Soccer Starz Cards

Around 3cm tall, Soccer Starz figures come with their own display base and stats card, and feature action-stance poses.

Soccer Starz Figure
Soccer Starz Figure Juan Mata

The stylized details of each player’s head, combined with the accurately painted kit, make each player instantly recognizable and therefore truly collectible.

Soccerstarz toys, initially sold in blind bags will also be available in blister packs and Soccer Starz team collector packs.

Clubs already licensed include Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool. But Creative plan to roll the Soccer starz toys out across many more clubs. The next wave of Soccerstarz figures will feature Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

Soccerstarz figures will definitely score with adult and kid collectors alike.

Soccer Starz Figures
Soccerstarz Figures by Creative Toys
Soccer Starz Toys
Soccer Starz Ashley Young