Skreemsters toy cars are an exciting new toy brand from Bandai.

Skreemsters Rally Racer Toys from Bandai
Skreemsters Toys

Skreemsters cars really are scream-powered! With Skreemsters toys, the longer you talk into the Skreemster car, the further it will travel.

Bandai’s new sound powered technology allows young racers to rev up their Skreemster cars by the power their voices.

Once the Skreemsters toys are charged up they can travel up to 15 metres along specially designed Skreemsters tracks.

Bandai are releasing the Skreemsters Rally Racer Assortment, the Skreemsters Race ‘N’ Destruct Racetrack, and the Skreemsters Race ‘N’ Rumble Playset.

Each Skreemsters Rally Racer car retails at around £14.99. The Racetrack set, at around £14.99, includes one car, a ramp, a wall and accessories. The Race and Rumble Playset comes with two cars, track, Skreem-meter and jump accessories and retails around £49.99.

Skreemsters cars and playsets will be very popular toys around Christmas time.

With a toy that you can positively scream about, Bandai have definitely got a winner on their hands!