Qboidz Logo

Qboidz is a new type of construction toy from Engino Toys.

The Engino construction system was invented by Cypriot teacher Costas Sisamos. Sisamos is also an engineer and sought to design a simple way for kids to build the things they wanted with the minimum number of components.

With Qboidz children can easily click together and stack colourful components to create wonderful designs. Designed with the very latest STEM principles in mind, Qboidz toys are aimed at increasing the creativity and imagination of preschool children.

Each Qboidz set features a number of suggested models you can build. Alternatively, just build whatever you want. What’s more, once you’ve built your toy, download the free Qboidz app to see your creations on screen in 3D. You can even zoom in and out and rotate it.

Qboidz toys build on the company’s earlier successes, adding a preschool component to the Engino Systems range.

Qboidz Toys