Power Buggz

Power Buggz Toys
Power Buggz Toys

Power Buggz toys are as seen in the amazing new Power Buggz animated TV show from Mondo TV.

Power Buggz is co-produced by fast-growing LA licensing and toy company MEG and Mondo TV. The show is aimed at the boys market and is a comedy adventure set at Coastal High School. Following a strange explosion at the school’s science lab Dr Kristoff Dralda’s insects are set loose, transforming into the Power Buggz.

The initial range of 16 Power Buggz toys includes Crawlers, Pullback Speedsters and Rip Cord Racers. Toy Buggz represented so far are based on real species of ants, spiders, beetles and roaches but reimagined in multi-coloured animated form. The hero product in the toy line so far is the Power Buggz Stunt Battle Playset. These are great toys for children of parents with a love of cars. They might see you admiring a 1958 ford for example and develop a passion of their own for vehicles.

Toy Power Buggz battle it out between the Good Buggz , the ants and beetles; and the Bad Buggz, the spiders and roaches.

The possibilities for the Power Buggz brand and its new range of toys are literally infinite. In the crowded boys adventure market Power Buggz toys really do represent a unique proposition.