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Moshi Karts toys derive from the fun new Moshi Karts app from Mind Candy.

Moshi KartsIconic UK brand developers Mind Candy are busy expanding the Moshi Monsters world. Moshi Karts is a free to download app featuring Katsuma and other Moshi characters in an exciting new action racing game.

The brand is designed to reach a slightly older fan base including boys aged 12 and over, but will also appeal to moshi fans of all ages. The Moshi Karts app is available from early 2014.

Moshi Karts race on a variety of different tracks, and players can swap moshi characters and karts.

Mind Candy have a number of licensees developing new Moshi Karts toys. Look out for Moshi Karts playsets and toys as well as trading cards and games.

With the phenomenal track record of Moshi Monsters, Mind Candy’s Moshi Karts toys should have retailers racing for shelf space.

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