Mixubbles Toys

Mixubbles is the great fun new soft drinks maker from John Adams.

Long acclaimed for their traditional toys and games, John Adams may well have come up with the winning formula with their delicious Mixubbles toy drinks maker.

This drinks maker is a safe blender-style mixer with some innovative new features. As the toy blender spins kids can enjoy the spectacle of a little fruity character spinning around inside. What’s more, Mixubbles is an electronic toy mixer that actually lights up!

The Mixubbles Drinks Maker Set includes many accessories including tongs, stirrers, cups and straws.

Using all natural ingredients, kids can easily make an amazing variety of 30 different candy flavour drinks.

This summer kids should really lap up the Mixubbles toy drinks maker.

Mixubbles Toy Mixer

Mixubbles Drinks Maker