Mechanix Toys

Mechanix Toys

Mechanix toys are an exciting new range of vehicle customising sets and cars.

Mechanix Toy Vehicles
Mechanix Cars

With the X-Tool, a type of four-way allen key, you can easily transform your Mexhanix cars and trucks into your own customised vehicles.

Vehicles to collect in the Mechanix toy range include ATV Force, Milano S, TST Racer and the Morgam XS. Each customisable pack comes with the X-Tool.

The must-have toy in the range is without doubt the Mechanix Truck Set. The Mechanix Racing Team Truck is an articulated lorry; unhitch the cab and transform it into a racing truck with monster wheels.

Mechanix Tool Set
Mechanix Tool Set

The Mechanix Assembly Tool Set features a battery-operated power drill tool for even speedier vehicle customising.

Mechanix cars, toys and playsets are distributed in the UK by fast-growing British toy company Character Options.

Mechanix Truck Set
Mechanix Racing Team Truck Set