Lite Brix

Lite Brix Toys

Lite Brix toys are a new light up construction toy range from Cra-Z-Art.

Many will be more familiar with New Jersey-based Cra-Z-Art as a designer of art and stationery products.

Lite Brix are compatible with other ranges of construction bricks, such as Lego. Build up the sets with interconnecting circuitry and plug in the battery power unit to illuminate the colour-changing LEDs inside the models.

Lite Brix Toys
Lite Brix

Distributed in the UK by Character Options, five Lite Brix sets will initially be available in the UK from July 2013. Choose from these dazzling Lite Brix vehicles; PD Patrollers, Lumi-Cycle, Space Trooper, Lumi-Star Racer, Comet Racer, Red Dragon Racer, Lazer Copter, Police Rescue Copter or Super Jet Fighter. Playsets include Lite Up Fire Station, Extreme City, LB City Bank and Space Trooper.

Lite Brix Sunset Island Toys
Lite Brix Sunset Island Playsets

Aimed primarily at girls are the Lite Brix Sparkle Salon, Bakery Kiosk and Fashion Kiosk. Girls can also choose from the Lite Brix Sunset Island range which includes Sweet Treats, Radiant Runway, Candy Lites and Lite Up Tour Bus playsets.

Lego themselves released light up bricks as far back as 1957, and these days there are several competing brands all with slightly different offerings.

The good thing about Lite Brix toys is you can use the power unit and light up bricks to light up any construction brick creation you can imagine.
Lite Brix Construction Sets