i-Loom Toys

i-Loom is the next generation loom band toy from Wooky Entertainment under their Style Me Up brand.

Simply download the i-Loom app onto your i-Pad tablet, then slot the tablet into the i-Loom and follow the on screen instructions right below where you are weaving. Once you’re done share your loom creations online and with friends offline too.

Wooky’s i-Loom is suitable for complete beginners as well as experienced loom creators. It even has a built in measurer to get just the exact lengths you need. A flip up case reveals 16 different thread colours – all you have to do is choose which colours you want to use.

The i-Loom app features many different tutorials which help to explain the different techniques you may need. You can save work and switch designs any time. With i-Loom creator mode you can create your own designs, or simply follow one of the hundreds of ready made pattern.

The i-Loom Starter Kit includes the i-Loom, 10 thread bobbins, 2 bracelet reels and one free app download with all the patterns. A huge range of refill and accessory kits are also available. Initially the i-Loom is available in either purple or blue, branded versions such as Hello Kitty i-Loom be released to follow.

Wooky Entertainment’s Style Me Up i-Loom toys weave their way into retail aisles from September 2015.

i-Loom Toy

i-Loom and iPad

i-Loom Starter Set