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Go Mini

Go Mini is the exciting new range of toy cars from Golden Bear. Each Go Mini toy vehicle is based on a real Mini car.

All Go Mini Freestylers toy cars have unique features. Tiger, Revs, Charge and Bulldog are all based on the sporty Mini Cooper S and all feature street styling and include sound effects.

Go Mini Stunt Racers can all perform a unique stunt. Blast does a doughnut, Bite a wheelie, Salt a handbrake turn, Rebel a swerve and Spice goes on two wheels. Stunt Racers turn from stunt mode to race mode at the flick of a switch.

Go Mini Stunt Launcher
Go Mini Stunt Launcher

Go Mini cars can be launched from the Go Mini Stunt Launcher. Rev up the launcher with the gear stick and watch the Go Mini Stunt Racers perform awesome stunts. No batteries are required.

Look out also for Go Mini Crew-zers – Pace, Checks, Sparks, Jazz, Chille and Trix, all push-along vehicles with their own unique styling.

Go Mini Crew-zers HQ Playset
Go Mini HQ Playset

The award winning Go Mini HQ Playset, introduced to the range in 2013, goes with the Crew-zers cars and features light and sound effects, spinning turntable, vertical wall, rooftop parking and secret chute.

Wolf the fearsome RC Go Mini Rally Car features a remote control just like a real Mini steering wheel. Go Mini Wolf can perform a spin, do a skid, or race round. Wolf even has light up headlights and engine sound effects.

Go Mini Wrist Revvers come with two micro mini racers; place the cars in the Wrist Revver to show extra features.

UK toy company Golden Bear are master toy licensee with worldwide distribution rights for the exciting new Go Mini brand.

Go Mini Toys
Go Mini Freestylers & Stunt Racers

Go Mini Crew-zers
Go Mini Crew-zers by Golden Bear