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Glimmies are the magical new light up toys from European toy maker GP Flair.

With their innovative new built-in light sensing capability, Glimmies fairy dolls light up magically when it gets dark. And, what’s more, when the sun comes up they actually stop glowing all by themselves.

GP Flair are releasing a whole range of collectable Glimmies from Spring 2017. Each Glimmie has its own unique character, symbol and styling and comes with a collector’s leaflet. Priced at an affordable £3.99, Glimmies make an ideal pocket money purchase. Even the triple pack is less than ten pounds and features two exclusive characters.

The home of these light up fairies is the Glimhouse. Each Glimhouse, priced at just £7.99, has a little window so that you can see when your fairy is at home and lighting up. Glimhouses can be connected together or hung up by the star pin feature.

The Glimwheel allows three Glimmies at a time to ride on a magical ferries wheel. The Glimtree is another playset for displaying your Glimmies.

Fans will also require the Glintern playset which is a house in the shape of a lantern. The set includes one exclusive Glimmie fairy doll.

Glimmies toys will no doubt be a shining light for retailers and fans alike when they magically appear on the shelves.

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