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Gemmies toys are the new 3D bead crafting toy from Character.

In recent years Character have become something of a specialist in craft toys. Gemmies build on the craze for stringing beads and sticking them together to make 2D shapes.

Now you can make your own 3D bead objects! Using coloured beads and sparkly ‘jewels’, kids can hook and loop them together to create amazing 3D figures such as dogs, puppies and other animals. Collect Gemmies and swap them with your friends, or keep them for display.

Character’s Gemmies Design Studio comes with everything you need to get started. The set includes a design mat, design book, bead storage unit and pre-assembled ring mounts. Other sets and refill packs are also available.

Create your own 3D gem designs with Gemmies toys, a gem of a toy.

Gemmies Toy Dog