Dinowaurs Toys

Dinowaurs Survival Toys
Dinowaurs Toys by Re:Creation

Dinowaurs toys are a new pocket money range of collectible figures, cards and stickers.

Dinowaurs Figure & Dinowaurs Cards
Protoceratops Dinowaurs Toy & Dinowaurs Cards

Dinowaurs toys are distributed in the UK by re:creation and marketed in Europe by innovative Croation company one2play.

Available from 2012 the first assortment of Dinowaurs toys comprises 36 Dinowaurs figures to collect. Every Dinowaurs Survival pack contains Dinowaurs cards with their own battle game. Each blind bag also contains a Dinowaurs Survival collectors leaflet.

Dinowaurs Dinosaur Figures
Dinowaurs Dinosaur Figures

Series 1 Dinowaurs retail at £1.99 in the UK. Each Dinowaurs foil pack contains one dinosaur figure, one Dinowaurs Collectors Leaflet and Dinowaurs cards.

Re:creation will be hoping Dinowaurs toys becomes the next playground craze with its winning combination of collectable figures and trading cards.

Dinowaurs Collectors Leaflet
Dinowaurs Collectors Leaflet