Ding-E Ding-E Babies

Ding-E Ding-E Babies Toys

Ding-E Ding-E Babies are super-cute interactive collectable toy baby figures for girls from Zhu-Zhu maker Cepia.

Distributed by Character Options, new Ding-E Ding-E Babies use canny infra-red technology to interact with each other and the world around them. Each baby has its own personality, sounds, movements and accessories. Watch out, Ding-E Baby toys can even crawl!

Butter Bean loves animals, Sweet Pea loves her Tiara, Pajammie loves jamming, Patootie loves surfing and Blinkie loves ballet.

Accessorize your Ding-E Ding-E Baby with its very own cot, or get your Ding-E toys together with the Food Fight playset.

Ding-e ding-e, round one to Character Options in the girls collectables category!

Ding-E Ding-E Baby Toys
Ding-E Ding-E Babies