Digibird Toys

Digibirds toys are the new interactive singing bird toys from Silverlit.

Silverlit is a global toy company headquartered in Hong Kong with hi-tech manufacturing facilities in China. The company specializes in electronic and remote control toys. In the UK the Digibirds are distributed by, appropriately, Flying Toys.


Silverlit launch their new line of Digibirds toys in Spring 2014 at the Neuremberg Toy Fair. The initial range features a range of interactive electronic bird toys to collect. Each Digibird has its own distinctive brightly coloured markings.

Download different musical sound recordings and hear your battery-operated Digibird sing them. Select one Digibird as the soloist, and other Digibirds will join in and sing along together as a chorus.

These tabletop electronic pet birds even move their beaks and heads whilst singing. Each Digibird also comes with a specially designed ring so you can carry them on your hand wherever you go.

Silverlit promise a big marketing push so if enough people tweet about them Digibirds toys should really take off.