Bing Bunny

Bing Bunny Toys

Bing Bunny toys come from the hit CBeebies show Bing Bunny.

Bing Bunny is the creation of Oxford, UK based American illustrator Tim Dewan. Dewan’s beautifully illustrated children’s bedtime books are the basis for the new CBeebies show.

The first animated TV series of Bing Bunny, brought to life by Acamar Films, has 78 epsiodes each lasting seven minutes.

Flop Toy

Bing celebrates the kind of real life learning adventures that appeal most to pre-schoolers. Bing Bunny never goes far without his best pal Flop.

Strategic global firm The Licensing Company are in the process of appointing a master toy licensee for Bing Bunny toys.

Bing Bunny Toy
Bing Bunny

Bing Bunny plush toys are an absolute must for all fans of this uber-cute Bunny. A toy Flop is also a must-have. Talking Bing Bunny and Talking Flop toys should soon follow. Bing Bunny figures and playsets will complement the range.

With the backing of CBeebies and publishing giant Harper Collins, it’s just a short hop to imagine a whole warren-load of Bing Bunny toys!