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Beatmoovz toys help kids make music by dancing.

Simply strap Beatmoovz bands to your wrists or ankles, download the app, and synch them via Bluetooth. Then tap the app, select the sounds you want from over 400 available and away you go – move and make sounds. Make your own drumbeats, dance music, or do the robot accompanied by techie robot-like sounds.

An innovative wearable piece of Japanese tech by Daigo Kusunoki’s Dmet Properties, Beatmoovz made its debut at the London Toy Fair in January 2017. The product launches at retail in mid 2017 and will be accompanied by a suitably modern marketing approach including flashmobs, unboxings and a dedicated YouTube channel.

Beatmoovz toy bands are available in twinpacks and are found in a variety of bright colours, including orange, green, grey, black, red, blue and purple. Licensed by Cra-Z-Art and distributed by Character, they are expected to retail in the UK at around £49.99 a pair, and in the US for around $69.99. You can synch several pairs of Beatmoovz bands to the app simultaneously, and even amplify the sound via a speaker to get the full nightclub effect with your friends.

Intergenerational, fun and interactive, kids and kidults alike will loove Beatmoovz toys.

Beatmoovz Toys