Bamboo Robot

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Bamboo is the new interactive robot toy from GP Flair.

The Bamboo robot has over 100 actions and responses. These can be activated via six different play modes.

In Rumble mode, Bamboo throws punches. But should you land a punch on him he rolls backwards and pounds his arms on the ground.

In Tarzan mode, Bamboo robot does a swinging action and he can even perform a front somersault.

Boogie mode sees Bamboo dancing and beatboxing. Then, when he’s tired, he enters Zen mode for a well-earned rest.

In Guard mode, Bamboo will keep watch over his domain, swiftly alerting you to the arrival of any intruders.

Flair’s Bamboo robot toy hits retail in autumn 2016 with a recommended price of £69.99 in the UK.

This interactive robot toy certainly packs a punch, and he should be a big hit when Bamboo lands on the shelves.

Bamboo Robot Toy