Animal Jam

Animal Jam Logo

Animal Jam toys based on the extremely popular app of the same name are made by Jazwares.

The Animal Jam app is played by millions of young people worldwide. It’s an online game based around cute animal characters that kids can nurture and interact with. The app is made in association with National Geographic and, reassuring to parents, has a degree of educational content built-in.

In 2016 Jazwares are releasing a whole range of Animal Jam toys that reflect the themes of the app. Every toy comes with a secret code that unlocks features in the game.

Animal Jam mini figures are available in blind bags. There are dozens to collect, display and swap. What’s more, each toy comes with a code to unlock in-app items, as well as accessories to customize the figures. The company are releasing a range of interactive playsets to go with the figures.

Jazwares are also releasing a range of plush Animal Jam cuddlies in a range of sizes and colours.

With secret codes to unlock items, and great collectability, Animal Jam toys should be a winner for Jazwares.